English Engineering has an established reputation as the world leader in semi-submarine technology.  

English Engineering/Subsee Australia built Australia's first semi-submarine in 1984, which revolutionised tourist reef viewing and encouraged reef tourist operators to introduce the new technology. English Engineering has continually developed the semi-submarine to a sophisticated design, yet practical to operate.

The English Engineering semi-submarines are still very much in demand. Numerous other aluminium fast ferries, tourist pontoons and glass bottom boats have been developed by English Engineering alongside the semi-submarines.

English Engineering has constructed in excess of 50 semi-submersible viewers for the national and international market and continues its innovations for viewing the underwater realm.

The innovative "Omniviewer" semi-submarine, with an impressive underwater viewing area of 34m² gives passengers a truly immersed sensation, compared to a viewing area of 14m² aboard previous vessels with identical passenger capacity.

Omniviewer semi-submersible by English Engineering

Types of Semi-Submarine built by English Engineering

Centre console semi-submersible - 46 passengers

Rear console semi-submersible - 34 passengers

9.5 metre semi-submersible - 16 passengers

22 metre Omniviewer - 46 passengers

Rear console semi-submersible

English Engineering
can provide services to conduct site surveys, market research and advice on tourism ventures, as it has the experience as a semi-submarine/coral viewing operator. 

[2003 Export Award Winner]

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