English Engineering was established in Cairns in 1978 by Pat English and has grown to be a world leader in the construction of aluminium boats, reef pontoons, semi-submarines & transfer boats.  

Certified aluminium welders by the Marine Board of Queensland are available for general welding and for critical areas of vessels under survey.

Subsee Australia was founded in 1984 and established itself as the world leader in semi-submarine technology.  Over 50 semi-submarines were built by Subsee Australia and English Engineering.

Although Subsee Australia has ceased trading, English Engineering and Pat English (one of the founders of Subsee Australia) is still building the Subsee line of vessels.

English Engineering is available to price any vessels, semi-submarines or pontoons/floating platforms that your company may require and/or provide repairs to existing Subsee Australia vessels or any marine vessel in your operation.  

English Engineering has been responsible for the structural steel construction of major projects in Cairns, such as:- 

Cairns Harbour Lights

Above:  Cairns Harbour Lights Luxury Apartments Complex with 70 tonnes of structural steel fabricated and installed by English Engineering. 

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